The Lady Eagles Tribute to the Humboldt Bronocos Accident #PrayersForHumboldt


Our players and staff would like this gallery to show our support to the families, players and staff of the Humboldt Broncos. Our players are posting them individually but together here as our family supports theirs. We will continue to update our players pictures as they come in.

The LA Times said it best here.

Each pool of light that bravely defies the darkness illuminates a carefully placed hockey stick or two. Or three, or five. The sticks are adult-sized and child-scaled, well-used and scuffed, and starkly new. Some are goaltenders sticks. They are wrapped in black tape and in pink tape, left crossed against each other while leaning against a posh front door, standing near a snow shovel on a slush-stained deck, or jammed into the enclosure of a balcony of an urban high-rise. Sometimes candles are placed next to the sticks, creating a tableau that is unspeakably sad yet also beautiful.
— LA Times


David Reaugh